A man was recovering from surgery

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A man was recovering from minor surgery when a nurse walked in and asked, “How are you feeling?”

“Good,” the man replied. “But the surgeon said a four-letter word that really bothered me.”

“What did he say?” the nurse asked.



  1. it was a very good joke that originated from the himalays and ,but came to america by transportation of ship… FIVE!!!

  2. I had surgery not to long ago and am I glad they had me totally asleep. If I had heard him say that I would have probably jumped up.

  3. hmmmmmm. The sergon cut a rong body part, so now he lost the ability the body part aloud him to do. I hope it wasn’t peeing

  4. i say girls should get banned from website!

    jokes kool though hope the doc didn’t lose his glasses or mouth protecter thing in the body or cut the guys upperdermis.

  5. likeme13 bugs bites are nothin compared to wat happens on hiking trips and campouts in boyscouts

  6. that happened to my grandfather he got eye surgery and the doctor was like: well, ive never seen that before! it was ok though

  7. Ok, guys, you could probably get us ‘kicked off’, but you couldn’t keep us off! and there isn’t anything that could keep us from reading our brother’s magazines and logging on with his name! seriously, don’t you guys have something better to do than gripe about us?

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