1. Miskitoes are a part of nature.. Y make fun of them? sure, they bite, sting,and u get rashes but…

  2. there is a girls life? i need to get that. i read my brother’s boys life. so yes, girls read this

  3. hi.

    i am a girl

    i am on your website

    what are you going to do about it?

    i love camping

    and Nascar

    and i have a dead-eye with a .22

    so why shouldn’t i come to this website to learn more about being safe when im doing those things?

    Am i hurting you?

    Are you in physical pain becuase I am on this website?



  4. If there are some boys out there who think girls can’t go on this site then tell me. most ppl would think that only little 5 year old boys would say that, but if boys older than 5 are saying that then they are…well i WOULD say unmature but i’m a little un mature too so…i think they are weirdies. lol

  5. Nice joke. I give it 4 stars. To the various girls on this site, I see nothing wrong with readig boys life or going on this site. I know there is the occasional person who feels different, but I think the vast majority like me, doesn’t really care. It’s not like boys pay anything to use the site.

    By the way, nicely said Lttlethor.

  6. it isnt weird what if u happen to have a brother or something and ur just bored and folding clothes…what girls cant enjoy jokes?

  7. Wow. i figured out why my friend had bumps on his face when he came home last week.4 stars all the way

    ps- I dont care if you are a boy or a girl this site is open to whoever wants to use it.

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