Engineer standing in front of the shredder

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The secretary found a confused engineer standing in front of the shredder, trying to figure out how it worked. So the secretary offered to help and inserted the papers into the shredder. After pausing for a moment, the engineer asked, “Where do the copies come out?”


  1. dude dusty exterminator and jack black are wrong its a great joke and its realistic because i know someone who did that before

  2. hey i would be so made that anit even funny at all you dont even know how much work some one puts into there stuff

  3. i hope that klutz of an engineer didnt put in anything really important in the “copy machine” LOL

  4. Dumb engineer. Maybe he should put a smart brain into the So-called Copy Machine and then replace it!!!! with his brain

  5. The engineer thought it was a copy machine instead of a shreader.It’s a little confusing.

  6. first of all, its name is wrong. second, there is a big difference between a copy machine and a shredder.

  7. it probably says shredder on the bottom so hes weird besides didn’t he watch the movie Shredderman? That guy is a jerk.

  8. uh ok then even the engineers my mom hires arent that stupid and they shock themselfs with eletrick wires

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