Three things you need for survival

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A Scoutmaster is teaching his Scouts about wilderness survival. “What are the three most important things to bring with you in case you get lost alone in the woods?” he asks.

The Scouts mention many important things, such as water and matches. Then one little boy in the back eagerly raises his hand.

“Yes, Timmy, what are the three most important things you would bring?” asks the Scoutmaster.

“A compass, food and a deck of cards.”

“Why’s that, Timmy?” the Scoutmaster inquires.

“The compass is to find the right direction, and the food is to sustain you during the rescue.”

“And what about the deck of cards?” asks the Scoutmaster.

“Well, sir, as soon as you start playing solitaire, someone always walks up behind you and says, ‘Put that red nine on that black 10!'” 


  1. What?? I didn’t get it at all! Can someone please tell me what I’m missing here, because if I’m not missing anything, this is a pretty lame joke! Sorry, but I don’t really like it! 🙁

  2. I don’t get it! Would someone please explain to me what I’m missing here! Gave the joke one star, but might change that when I learn the meaning! 🙁

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