3 boys in a candy store.

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Three boys went into a candy store. “I want 2 cents’ worth of jellybeans,” the first boy said to the store owner.

The man frowned because the jellybeans were on the top shelf in the store. He didn’t like climbing up there to sell 2 cents’ worth for jellybeans. But he did it. When he came down, he put away the ladder and turned to the second boy.

“What would you like?” he asked.

“I’ll have 2 cents’ worth of jellybeans, too” said the second boy.

Annoyed, the man got the ladder and climbed up to get the jellybeans. When he was up there he turned to the third boy. “You don’t want 2 cents’ worth of jellybeans, do you?” he asked.

“No sir,” answered the third boy. So the man climbed down and put away the ladder.

“Now what do you want?” the man asked the boy.

I’ll have a nickel’s worth of jellybeans. Please,” the boy replied.


  1. Up, Down, Up, Down 2 pennies, 2 pennies, 1 nickel WHEN WILL IT END FOR THAT GUY?!?!When he finally quits thats when!

  2. I wouldn’t give him any candy (besides I guess they aren’t rich I mean you can’t even get 1 jellybeen with a nickel let alone 2 pennies)

  3. hey that is ultra unnyfay dude (unnyfay = funny in pig latin) you rule. I like how the guy at the counter must get so annoyed with having to go up there several times because the 3rd kid makes him go down again

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