1. This “Joke” as you may call it is nothing like a real one. It is nothing but bossing people around and acting like you know everything. Here, Johnny corrects Josh like he is the smartest person in the universe when in truth he is simply correcting other people which makes him look like he is a know-it-all. I give this “Joke” 1 star, honestly, if I could have chosen I would not put this joke online much less in the mag because I think anyone could do much, much better. From what I have seen only a few of the really good ones make it in. I myself have submitted sevral rather funny (according to those I told them to) jokes only to have them turned down to make room for the ones like this. I understand that cub scouts AND boyscouts read the mag but they are diffrent issues and I dont see the problam with putting less “Kiddish” jokes in the boy scout edition each month and saving these for people who would like them (A.K.A cub scouts).

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