1. If you have a broken shoe and your brother has a new one, wear his one to school very early and just say you forgot and that it was yours. Do it really often, i tried it and my brother was so dumb he didnt even realise 🙂

  2. While he is in a room (watching TV is the best) start flipping the light switch and say “ohhhh now i get it”

  3. go in you brothers bed room mess it up when your parents anre gone mess up the hole house and said he had a party

  4. Get your brothers most favorite item tell him to come to you . have a blender next to you and drop the item . make sure to rake out the blade before you attempt . turn the blender on when he goes to tell or when he gets close take the cellphone out and have paper of the color of the item or peices of the color in one hand and in the other hand have the cellphone behind your back . say don’t worry i can fix it take both hands together and say ta-daaaaaaa and give the item back gaurranted to annoy your brother ……………….

  5. keep on calling him weird names and he’ll tell on you and your mom will come and youll say you didnt do anything and then at nite give him a weadgy and run

  6. So when your brother is watching T.V. take the remote from him and change the T.V. I did this to my brother and he got really mad. and then we started fighting and i started to fake cry and he got in trouble.

  7. Get Your Remote for the T.V and put tape on the light which switches the channels. Before your borther comes and switches the channel get black masking on the light that switches the channels. when your brother snatches the remote from you dont be mad cause once he gives up trying to fix the remote. wait untill he leaves and take off the masking tape and then you can watch T.V all day. P.S Until your parents tell you to stop watching T.V.

  8. when your brother is trying to have a conversation with you just pick up your phone and play a song he really hates.
    if you don’t have a phone just look the other way when he’s telling you stuff

  9. One of the hings I do to my brother is play this one song and he starts screaming and yelling at me and I start laughing, Another thing you could do is take his favorite drink (for me my brother’s is Ice tea) and drink it all before he see’s you, another thing is you can also is take his controller when he is playing video games and run and say that he won’t let you have a turn and that he smacked you, Another really good one is for April fools day,
    Take a fake bug and put it in his cereal box and when he pours it and he sees the bug, YELL IN HIS EAR, HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY! and I bet he will get mad, because no one likes getting tricked.

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