Three shots in the air

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Two inexperienced hunters were hunting in the woods. Before long, they got lost.

“Don’t worry,” said the first hunter. “I heard that if you’re lost, you fire three shots in the air so somebody will hear you.”

They fired three shots in the air and waited. A half-hour later they tried it again, and still no one heard them. Finally, they decided to try it a third time.

“This better work,” said the second hunter. “These are our last arrows.”


  1. they were hunting with arrows and arrows dont make sound when there shot a gun makes noise when shot thats wat signals other people

  2. The loudest noise you would get from an arrow would be his buddy’s screams after the arrow comes back down and hits him!

  3. {l}{a}{u}{g}{h} {o}{u}{t} {l}{o}{u}{d}{!}

    (P.S. Please do not say that girls shouldn’t be on Boy’s Life!)

  4. U CANT KICK GIRLS OFF!!! We like this stuff 2 and not all girls ar girly! Besides how would they?? They wouldnt be able to tell who was on the computer!!! SO U CANT KICK US OFF! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  5. I just thought, I get it! They are like Indians with bows and arrows instead of guns! I first thought it was guns. . .


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