A snail goes to buy a car

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A snail goes to buy a car. The salesman is surprised when the snail picks out a fast, expensive sports car. He’s even more surprised when the snail requires that a big red “S” be painted on both sides.

“Why would you want such a thing?” asked the salesman.

The snail replied, “I want people to say, ‘Look at that S car go!’”


  1. You can lengthen the setup even more like this:
    A car dealer has had a long, boring day with almost no customers, when he sees a snail on the hood of a rather expensive sports car. He approaches the snail, and says “Excuse me sir, can I help you?”

    The snail looks up at him and says “Yes, I’m looking for your fastest sports car. Can you help me find it?”

    The man obliges and picks up the snail, taking him inbetween rows of cars until the snail finds a car that satisfies him. “This one will do nicely” the snail says “But do you have it in a smaller size?

    “I suppose we can have one custom ordered. Will that be all, sir?” says the incredulous dealer.

    The snail replies “Actually, do you custom paint jobs?”

    “Yes,” says the dealer “What would you like painted on your car?”

    The snail says “I would love a big S painted on top. Can you do that for me?”

    The dealer is by now thoroughly dumbfounded, and says “Of course, sir, but why?”

    The snail gets a far off look in his eyes as he says “All my life I’ve been called a slowpoke, I never get anywhere on time! But now finally everyone will say ‘Look at that little S car go!'”

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