Dumb Dog

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A dog walks up to the counter in a deli. It has a note and cash in its mouth. The man behind the counter reads the note. It states what kind and amount of meat the dog wants. The clerk puts a sack of cold cuts in the dog’s mouth and takes the money. The dog walks to the door and pushes it open. Curious, the man follows. The dog goes to a bus stop and sits and waits. When a bus comes, the dog looks at the front of the bus, seems to read where it’s going, shakes its head, and sits back down. The next bus comes and the dog gets on. It drops some change in the fare box, then takes a seat. The man follows. Five stops later, the dog gets off. The man follows as it trots up to a house and rams the door with its head once, twice, three times. As it barks, the homeowner comes to the door. “So there you are, you dumb dog!” The deli worker says, “Dumb? That’s got to be the most brilliant dog in the world!” “Brilliant?” the homeowner says. “This is the third time he’s forgotten his keys!”


  1. its all right.But I dont get it.

    (tell you what the title kind of reminds me of my Chiuaiua,Kitty.

  2. guess wat i`ll train my dumb dog to du dat(she`s dumb cause he bark`s for know reason and she run`s away when yu get close)

  3. Really good joke! I liked this one a lot, and it made me laugh. That owner needs to pay attention, or the deli owner needs to buy the dog. Good Joke!

    ~ The Review King

    4 1/2 stars

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