Illegal right turn.

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A boy was riding in a car with his grandpa.

“Oh no,” the grandfather said. “I just made an illegal right turn.”

“That’s O.K., Grandpa. The cop behind us just did the same thing!”


  1. There is so an illegal right turn!! It’s when you’re turning right on a red light when there’s a sign that says “no turn on red’.

  2. Not a bad joke.I’m not governmentally smart,but I think that 28 cops will make the illegal right turn.Then,the last cop at the station find another route that leads to the

    same place.The last cop at the station arrested the 28 cops and the grandpa.I’ll give it 4 1/3 stars.

    ~The Second Review King

  3. Awesomely hilarious! As some one else said about another joke, I like the twists at the end. Most of these commenters gave stupidly weird and corny comments, though. But the joke was awesome! I’ ve liked yall’s jokes since I was a Cub Scout in third grade! keep up the good work!

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