1. You can be taken two ways. One way if it’s a jar it’s slightly open. The second way if it’s a jar it’s not a door because it’s a jar.

  2. So does that mean a jar that’s slightly opened could be a door? I suppose if it was a nice jar then it could be a jar I adore.

  3. When a door is closed it’s seen as just a door.. when opened, it is then seen as a doorway.. therefore no longer a door. Meaning, that a door is no longer a door when it is opened or ajar(a jar). And yes, TeenWolf also brought me here..

    • Whether a door is open or closed it’s still a door 😂, the door being open doesn’t make the door disappear or turn into a doorway, the doorway is the opening itself and door is the to restrict or allow passage

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