1. Vegetarians don’t eat meat! The hunter either is too lazy, he likes those animals and won’t kill them or he can’t draw his bow or gun right.

  2. This joke is good. And the reason it is good is because it doesn’t involve a pun, as do about 95% of all the other jokes.

  3. I didn’t find this very funny…

    I actually found it kind of offensive, seeing as I’m a vegetarion, but meh.

  4. what is the point of being a true veggie if u would kill defenseless animals is it just cause they cant stomach food that once was on a living breathing creature

    ps im no veggie

  5. well its very funny and humans are omnivoures we eat vegis and meat but a vegitaren might find it offending and i meet a cow once and cared for it severel days at my uncles farm pickd up a ham burger at mick donalds and didint even thing about old tomy

    • I agree. Why wouldn’t vegetarians like it anyway?

    • I love that you girls are finally joining! I am a bored boy, yes, but I L❀ve that more people can learn about life in this way. Happy we are NOT BSA anymore, and the magazine is thankfully now Scouts Life.

  6. scouting rules and so does runescape! πŸ™‚ ! πŸ™‚ ! πŸ™‚ !

    I hope none of my cherokee buddies take offence to that joke. πŸ˜‰

    3 stars

  7. My definition of a vegetarian–an unhappy person

    I shouldn’t tell this one to my friend.

    Vegheads can think what they want, but meat rules! I know that some people think that vegheads live longer, but what’s the point if you can’t enjoy life a little and go out for a nice steak? We are OMNIvores. That word comes from the Latin word “omnis” which means “all.” We eat ALL edible things. Some animals were just made to be eaten. I DO enjoy looking at some fish and birds, but cows and pigs are just ugly to look at and serve no other purpose than to be eaten. . . and give milk and dairy products. Vegheads are making a mistake with their lives.

    PS Get off of Boys’ Life, Runescape girl.

  8. Yea, the best diet is high in starches/veggies, low in meat. The average American diet consists of 70% meat. Fats and things can clog your arteries to death, however limited portions are okay. After all, the official serving size, via the US. Dept. of Health or whatever, is a deck of cards..

    But if you look at China, all the the farm workers are generally poor financially, and they can’t afford meat, so it’s more of a luxury. Other than the pollution aspect, they live healtier lives with less heart disease, osteoperosis, high blood pressure, and some other nasty things. The upper class, however, has been affected more by the diseases just because the amount of mean/fat they are eating.

    • Trevor, thank you for telling me that! Me and my parents are on a diet, so that might help.

  9. Im mean seriously that is pretty racist about Indians and vegans. RUNESCAPE ROCKS my guy is jim thomas3 lvl 18 blck 2h sword!!!

  10. funny joke and by the way the bomb and hunter person,NOOBS lvl 79 with d legs whip 83 woodcutting and alot of other stuff

  11. If you want to talk about runescape, there’s a page for it under Games. Just saying.

  12. really, where is it under games? i cant find it

    P.S. i plat i use that name Cat_Homie (feel free to add me as a friend just tell me where u saw this)

  13. Click on Games. Scroll to the top of the “Write a funny caption” section. Just above it, it should say, “More Games Guru Q&A.” Click on that. On the right side, there should be a ginormous blue list of video games. They are listed alphabetically, so runescape should be somewhere near the bottom.

  14. This joke is really funny!

    From: OverTheRainbow

    P.S. “bringda$$”, it’s supposed to be DAFFYnition, not DEFInition.

    P.P.S. What is Runscape?

  15. If you don’t get the joke, it means: A vegetarian is a poor hunter through Native American’s eyes because Native Americans used really like to hunt and depended on meat as a food source. I thought it was really funny! If you’re a vegetarian, no offense, its just a joke so chill! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  16. Oh, by the way, for OverTheRainbow, runescape is a totally awesome video game! And for Somebody (Me) I’m not really sure what runescape has to do with the joke either! ********** Stars for the joke! πŸ™‚

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