Sick Chihuahua

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A man takes his sick Chihuahua to the veterinarian. They’re immediately taken back to a room.

Soon, a Labrador walks in, sniffs the Chihuahua for 10 minutes and leaves. Then a cat comes in, stares at the Chihuahua for 10 minutes and leaves. Finally, the doctor
comes in, prescribes some medicine and hands the man a $250 bill.

“This must be a mistake,” the man says. “I’ve been here only 20 minutes!”

“No mistake,” the doctor says. “It’s $100 for the lab test, $100 for the cat scan and $50 for the medicine.”


    • a lab is a Labrador and a cat is a cat but if real life a lab is also a room and a cat scan is is thing that doctors use to see inside a body sort of like a MRI

  1. A Lab tests it with smell, a Cat scans it with sight, and then the medicine. 5 stars for being so funny

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